Carb settings?

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Re: Carb settings?

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Hi Mike.... With an aftermarket race can and a K&N filter the bike is gonna be running lean.

Your 9 is a B2 ???

I found no problems with fitting the dynojet kit to my B2. The main jets went up a size or two. Dyno jet also have a setting for the pilot screws too. Ran sweet...

If you havent done already check the carb slides for the derestiction... If you didnt know the coloured ring on top of the slides is the restriction...

Unmilled white collar ..... Its still restricted.
Milled white collar ..... Derestricted
Green collar ..... You have a B3/B4 set of sliders in your bike and they are derestricted as standard.

A carb blance should help matters no end as well

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