Float Level Adjustment

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Re: Float Level Adjustment

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Did you ever find the problem? I’ve been going through the same thing. Just wondering if you managed to put it right?

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Re: Float Level Adjustment

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Tiz an olde thread you have tagged, start your own thread and note your problems,it's phukin bollox sayin £60 for needle jets I just bought 6 for a fiver !

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Re: Float Level Adjustment

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Hi :

Thank goodness I found this site. I have a 2000 ZX9R-E and decided after a few years of poor pre-season start-ups to do a complete carb rebuild. I could not find any info on the CVR Keihin model carb. Most of the carb kits out there are bad, and the parts don't match. The good news is that my carb was for the most part in need of a good cleaning and new o-rings and gaskets which seem to fit from the all-balls kit.

Thanks for the info on the float height and jet settings. Just about complete and will post after the final installation and syncing.

Thanks for the great information

Happy guy from NY USA

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Re: Float Level Adjustment

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