Grinsaki, your bike is making a mess of the Internet!

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Grinsaki, your bike is making a mess of the Internet!

Post by e1_ZX-9r » ... ost4791560

But also, if you :goo with ZX-9R.Net included in your query, especially when looking at the image search results, your pretty polished bike is beginning to pollute the Internet, in a good way.
;) ... 9&biw=1600

We can never have too much ZX-9R stuff on the Internet, so keep the pictures and media coming! :ys

3x Kawasaki ZX-9R Ninja EVAP 50-state models. At the track they're said to be outclassed, but on the street, they reign unmatched. It's a years old claim, challenged from every direction, but always the same outcome or worse. I hear next year's challenger is going to do the trick. ;)
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Re: Grinsaki, your bike is making a mess of the Internet!

Post by Grinsaki »

Haha, there,s no stopping da B! :lol: 8)

Happily driving and refurbishing a ZX-9R B1 8)

Past bikes:
Quite a few...mostly the ones that will hurt you due to self overrated driving abilities and lean angles... :D
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