Met a former B model owner a the races from the U.K.

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Met a former B model owner a the races from the U.K.

Post by e1_ZX-9r »

A really interesting fellow who now owns a number of other, more specialized bikes. He says he misses the 9, b/c it did everything well.

Be now resides, in retirement, in the south of France, riding his touring bike to races. He offered his take on getting asked to complete jobs after his initial "fair" offer had been refused by a buyer. In some cases he'd go out to the job site with no intention of taking the job, the thought being he'd be cleaning up someone else's lower bid mess. He'd look the job over and say something along the lines of, "bloddy hell!" I'm going to have to rip out everything the lowe-baller did on top of it all and he bloddy doesn't have the time to take on such a job. Good day!

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Re: Met a former B model owner a the races from the U.K.

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Yeah used to get a lot of customers taking the lowest quote, expecting me to match them knowing the job done properly would take twice as long. I know one guy who came into some money and set himself up over night, new sign written van and all the advertising - all the gear no idea.

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