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On the web, ZX-9R.Net is ZX-9R.Net aka www.ZX-9R.Net

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ZX-9R.Net is the only Internet domain name affiliated with our ZX-9R.Net DIY forum community. Of course, most would already know this, but not everyone might. Domain names are literally absolute names. So,
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Kawasaki ZX-9R Ninja EVAP sE1. At the track she's said to be outclassed, but on the street, she reigns unmatched. It's a years old claim, challenged from every direction, but always the same outcome or worse. I hear next year's challenger is going to do the trick. ;)
-- Mods: Genuine Keihin rejetted, Nissin caliper upgrade, SuperTrapp Aluminum Racing Series exhaust (Made in USA), ZG sport-touring shield, AEM UEGO wideband digital AFR readout, Evans NPG waterless coolant, éan creiche malar stripes.

Sorry if it seems that I post 10x more than everyone else. I use a PC, so posting thoughts is a snap. :smt024
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